The .htaccess file and nginx.conf in htdocs

Hi I’m new to Ngnix and its use with Wordpress. I was wondering about these two files .htaccess and nginx.conf in the htdocs folder.

Can I freely edit the htaccess file? I was looking to add some rules to beef up some wordpress security. I saw that the gziping is being done by the nginx.conf folder. Are there other things I can do with it as well any tutorials here or elsewhere on this topic? Are there any tutorials that I should check out on Wordpress in relation to Nginx. Looking mostly for basic things to throw in.

Thanks a bunch!

@Eric You can ignore, even delete those files. .htaccess is not supported by nginx. nginx.conf is created by w3-total-cache I guess and it is not required when using EasyEngine.

You can use ee site edit command to edit site's nginx config.