The Fastest Wordpress Stack on a VPS

The fastest load time I have experienced with a fresh installation of wordpress in Linode using EE, was 300ms. And I was very proud of that.

But this blog post changed it all.

A load time of 162ms is amazing!!! What amazed me even more was their reply to my query regarding their backend stack:

We do use EasyEngine however it is a highly modified version of EasyEngine

Unfortunately the tests seem to have been made on different sites. The fastest blog is an empty Twenty Sixteen. No information about plugins, themes, external scripts.

The tests would be really useful if, and only if, the tested sites were absolutely identical.

Just my two cents.


Yes, I agree that it was the blanket wordpress install and nothing else. But still, ~160ms load speed is great. I have never got any better than 300ms.

You should be able to make loading speed better by using linux wp-cron instead of default. :wink:


wow, that’s indeed new to me. I will definitely try that out… Thanks for the share.

Well i can do that on shared hosting Empty blog no plugin and keycdn enabled
And Pingdon test no where near real environment use
And i can load my site faster under 1sec 10k post 15 plugin
I can load more faster if i dont have to use photon i didn’t import my thumbnail so if i didnt use photon then my image stop working.
As I think wordpress. Com doesn’t have their server in india so waiting time is quite high around 400ms


And who wrote this review simply ignore the Page size factor Plus last result of The website i mean any one can load 68kb in 160ms if the location of test is near to the server location

It simply Showing other as shitty guy as show yourself as good guy

I am using EasyEngine + Virtubox Bash Script + Other Possible Wordpress+Nginx Optimizations and here is the result. EE is :heart: and Thanks to Virtubox to make it even better.

P.S: Site hosted on Digital Ocean Bangalore Datacenter and Test done from Mumbai.

Can you share other nginx tweak?