The albums links are not working for newly created album

I am facing an issue of permalinks of newly created album links in gallery page. While viewing a users album gallery page the vistor user is not redirecting to album detail page. "get_the_rtmedia_permalink" not returning full url (only returns links like 'media/65/'). But for owners login album gallery listing returns full url. I have changed the permalink settings but still it is not returning full url

Thanks Stan

@stan-reeves-963 - We aren't able to reproduce this issue on our end. Are you using rtMedia with BuddyPress activated? Also could you share a link to your site so that we could debug the issue better.

Most probably it could be due to some plugin or theme conflict. Try switching to a default theme and deactivating other plugins and checking.

@joshuaabenazer i am trying to create albums with Privacy like friend , public , private etc. Now i am using the plugin Version 3.0.11. I want to display the album listing page based on album privacy. Now it is listing all albums but only the albums with exact privacy having correct permalinks. It is checking the privacy of album while searching for its permalink but not for its listing. The same feature was working fine with previous version of plugin(2.10.1) . Please let me know how to apply the privacy filter to the Album listing.

Thanks Stan

Hello Joshua ,

I am waiting for your reply to go forward with Album listing.

Thanks Stan

@stan-reeves-963 - 2.10.1 is a very old version of the plugin. The latest version is almost completely different from that version as it has been refactored. We have not implemented album privacy as yet and not provided any options too for that.