Thanks ! No media found for the request!


Thanks !! No media found for the request !! I can not send videos and photos and music, how can I solve this?


Hello @sidclel,

Can you please give more detail about your issue?

At first to debug issue you can test your site with WprdPress default theme and other plugins disabled, to avoid any conflicts.

Thank you.


someone help me, I was looking to buy the pro version. more if the Internet does not work ai is difficult, someone help me see my site, I changed already used in the standard template and did not work.


Hello @sidclel,

Can you please explain exactly what is not working in rtMedia, so that we can debug the issue?

Thank you.


please make a account on my site poara verify simplemsnte not send videos and music .for Please make an account and test.


Hello @sidclel,

Please once try with WordPress default theme and other plugins disabled.

Also check server error-logs for errors, if there are any.

Can you please mention, on which page you are getting this error?

Thank you.