Templating system problem

plugins/buddypress-media/app/main/controllers/template/template.php does not seem to be part of the templating system.

This template is where the main wireframe markup is served from. Anyone wishing to customise the main wireframe are not able to.

Are you planning to add this template to the templating system? That would make everything customisable. The current templating system allows you to customise just 50% of stuff.


We are also reworking the templates. This will be fixed soon.


It's good to hear that you're reworking them.

Thanks Saurabh!

Hi Saurabh

I noticed you introduced the main.php template file in the 3.0.3 update. Having this sit directly inside my rtmedia folder doesn’t seem to work. Am I doing it wrong?

e.g. themes/my-theme/rtmedia/main.php

That doesn’t work for me either. I’ve also tried it like this:


I had to resort to editing the core files until I can get this to work in my theme files.

Gshock, I edited the core files too - and kept a backup of the original main.php core file until the issue can be fixed.

@Gshock @henrywright in next release(3.0.5) this template issues will be fixed, so after that you can copy all files and folder from buddypress-media/templates folder in to your-theme/rtmedia/ folder and overwrite all template files.

fine - you know when comes out the 3.0.5 ??

@faishalsaiyed thanks! looking forward to 3.0.5 - i’ll download and report back to let you know if it works for me once you’ve released.

Hi @faishalsaiyed

I can confirm that the template system now works as expected. Core templates are overridden successfully when copied to my theme. Thanks!

thanks for confirmation :slight_smile: