Template issue

Hi there + thx for that!

I’m using 3.5.2/1.7.2 with bp-columns-theme (child of default)

It originally has 3-columns, but on the media-page my left sidebar disappears.
I’ve copied the templates-folder to my theme + renamed it to rtmedia, but the issue remains.

What do i have to do?


Could you send a link of your site? The templates shouldn’t mess with the sidebars normally.

I’ve solved this via inserting a new div.class in main.php and customizing the css…

Though, if you would like to have a look in this, I’d delete the css for a moment and give you a link!


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Glad to know you could solve it.
You can revert it back. :slight_smile:

Hope I could help! :slight_smile:
In 2.15 it worked still fine…

I’ve omitted bp-album now…

Love your work.

Thanks a lot for your appreciation :slight_smile:

I found this thread again, while googling the domain-name.
The PRIVATE message is widely provided via rssing.com!

Please fix this!

I closed this topic now.