Template files included with plugin


It would be great if you could bundle default template files with the plugin that can be copied to our own themes. Theme developers could then easily customise the templates without hacking the Buddypress Media core files.

Is this currently possible or is it on the roadmap?



Actually BuddyPress Media has no template files of its own and uses plugins.php for display. We do have markup but it can be easily styled using custom CSS.

Now, since a lot of functionality is js dependant, we'd not be really comfortable switching the markup with a custom template.

What you are asking for is something we'd really like to do, but for that the BuddyPress theming would have to leap a little ahead than it is, right now.



I noticed that plugins.php is used. I am using the Twitter Bootstrap framework for fast styling so need to get to the mark up from time to time. It would be good if the plugin became templated but I do realise there is lots of JS dependency which would make that difficult to do.



Templating system is documented here - http://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/docs/developer/templating-system/