Tall images are being cut off


When I view gallery images in lightbox, the image width fits to the lightbox width but then the bottom of the image is cut off (overflow is hidden). Where can I change the setting to make the overflow visible (perhaps also set a max image height?), or alternatively, make the height of the image fit to the lightbox view so that the whole image is visible.

See example of cut off image attached,


Appreciate any assistance.

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@Elizabeth-Anne, I checked activity page but somehow image is not getting load. Then I checked this page -> http://www.remembertheirfaces.com/faces/sparg-and-deutschmann-family/hugo-sparg/seymore-stanley-sparg/media and is working fine. I couldn't find any image cutoff.


Thanks. Yes, I managed to fix it eventually. I added the following to the custom css: .rtmedia-media { height:100% !important; max-height:100% !important; }

How would I do it if I wanted the image to fit the screen height so that one does not have to scroll down to see the rest of it?

Use this CSS code instead, .rtmedia-media img { width: auto; } to view full image without scroll.