Tag addon suggestions


Finally this add on is here! thanks for your effort. I tried it in demo page and I could see:

  1. Tag border: As the tag square is white, if the backgroud in the image is white, the border is list. Maybe a white border with a black shadow could solve this.
  2. Tag in bottom: I try to tag a photo in right bottom corner and I couldn't see the name of suggestions because is limited to the lightbox inside. Two possibilities, than when You try to tag anyone in bottom the suggestions appears up or extend the suggestions outside the lightbox.
  3. Delete a tag made by me: I try to delete a tag made by me but I couldn't, I don't know if I couldn't see the option or is not there.
  4. Show in right whom are tagged in that photo: Show in right side whom are tagged in the photo.

Thanks for your time!



Thanks for the absolutely valuable feedback. Since this was the first release, we just pushed the minimum ready to ship features.

The first 2 were on our mind, even before the release. The 3rd, we couldn't reproduce when we tried, but we'll look again. The last one, was also on our mind, looking at how facebook lists the tagged users.

We'll incorporate this and more in the newer releases.