Tabs Support?

What do you mean with: Added tabs support in rtMedia ? It’s listed as the first plugin modification fro the update, I need to move it to be the second tab for example, how can I do this without having to edit the source files? Thanks

Hello @carollanos,

It’s just a typo, it meant to be “Added tabs support in rtMedia uploader”. Thanks for pointing out on that. If you want to reorder tab position in BuddyPress you can refer this documentation here

Hope this will help you. Thank you!


What is the meaning with tabs support? what is the idea behind? What can you do with it?

Hello @felipechamorrov,

It is new design layout of rtMedia uploader which supports ‘Tab’ view inside it. If you have an add-on related to rtMedia upload then you can add your custom tab inside uploader if you want. Here how it looks like :

Thank you.

This works great for the profile tab, but it doesn’t change the media tab placement in the groups profile. Do you have some code to change that?