Switching to EasyEngine? Read my review first

I thought easyengine was perrrrfect. Made the switch, launched some sexy digitalocean droplets and all was well!


Server space full…


Ok… let me delete some stuff.


Whoa, ok… hmmm… google, google, google… forums, forums, forums…

Maria-DB? Ok, what’s that…? wait, I’m on easyengine V4, not V3… ok…

whoa, 3 hours have just gone by, and there’s 10 easyengine forum tabs open, and ZERO of them have a solution! Oh god. This is bad. my client is pissed his site is down (database connection error) and I told them this was gonna be EASY!!!


Oh, btw. if this is you and you’re also stuck… you gotta do this:

disable logging: comment out (use #) log_bin in /var/lib/docker/volumes/global-db_db_conf/_data/conf.d/ee.cnf and set expired_logs_days to 1.

then narrow down where the logs exist…

hint: try here --> /var/lib/docker/volumes/global-db_db_logs/_data

or use this code and replace the word “folder” with folder names that have large files:

du -h / --max-depth=1
du -h /folder/ --max-depth=1

and once you find the folder with tons of large files inside it, create a new folder called ‘a’, drag all those mariadb files into it, and delete the folder.

Then! Then… create a new server, migrate your sites away from easyengine and use wordops. At least, that’s what I just did. Man that really got to me… easy my butt. that was annoying lol.

Wasn’t gonna post here but realized the golden rule, so there you go.



PS: if you wanna hate on wordops, well, let me know, because nobody hated on easyengine, and here we are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is why I made my own Docker project, available on GitHub. I was a Docker noob when I first started this but along the way, I started realizing that EEv4 was installing a bunch of libs and polluting the host OS. This is where Demyx comes in and my philosophy is to never pollute the host OS, everything must go in containers!

it says “cim is replying”, I made the PS just for him lol as he was in all the threads. ah he just replied. bruh, I feel that, but, it says easyengine, not “learn docker and a million other things, then use easyengine”

I digress, lol.



(a wordpress musician web designer guy who wants to live his dreams and not sit in an office 80 hours a week learning about stuff like this after I already went to college for digital communications over 10 years ago.) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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touche! lol i think my headache i have rn is literally from dealing with this from last night. they should sell advil ads on the sidebar to raise money for ee support jk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I need to fiddle with OpenLiteSpeed! I’ll be creating a Demyx image of it soon.

That would be interesting. I would like to see it running in a docker setup. It is pretty amazing and when the beta v1.6.4 goes stable it will have QUIC and HTTP/3 support. I have been running a CDN that has QUIC and HTTP/3 support and it is insane… like life changing kind of fast. Currently my server is still HTTP/2 but the cached content comes across as HTTP/3 from the CND.

I’ve briefly tested it out the other month, even got its UI to work. The reason why I didn’t go with it when I was developing Demyx was cause it was taking over 100mb in ram. It’s definitely built for hosting multiple sites.

Just tested OLS and I’m loving it. I’ll have it be the default web server for my stack and future installs. My OLS image uses the new 1.6.4 version and comes preconfigured. Admin web gui works, cache works, and some hardened rewrite rules. Love the recaptcha feature too.

Initial test shows that it’s not using over 100mb ram, it idles at 3-4mb if there’s no traffic on the site. But casual use in the backend would take around 50mb~ ram.

Hi, I was wondering if it is just for a single installation (multi-site) or if I could do just like EE and place many different wp installations? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’ve been there, I used EEv3 a lot and it was really great and EASY. Then EEv4 wasn’t ready, nor easy.

Now I’m using WordOps for a while and I’m still in love…

Nice, I am going to have to check out your new build when it is ready. It feels like OpeLiteSpeed is the future and you are using the 1.6+ build so it supports HTTP/3! Mmmmm, that sounds nice.

I was wondering if it is just for a single installation (multi-site)

Single site only.

I just need to update my demyx code and then I’ll push this image to both GitHub and Docker Hub.