Support For Third Party Plugins

I’m experiencing problems with the rtMedia plugin when i have the BP Activity Privacy Plugin Enabled. Picture uploads on the activity stream do not appear emmediately. Pic uploads appear after a page refresh. The reason i’m using the BP Activity Privacy Plugin instead of rtMedia’s own Privacy is that rtMedia has no support for the BP Followers plugin and i happen not to use friendships on Buddypress, just followers, and i also need group activity defaulted to group members privacy-wise.

Is there a fix for the BP Activity Privacy issue, and if not, is there a way off adding support for the BP followers plugin and adding group members on rtMedia’s privacy contols?

All i wanna achieve is to for group updates to seen by group members only and for personal updates to be seen by followers only. With BP Activity Privacy plugin, everything works as intended except for the delayed pic upload.

Hello @bhekzinto,

Sorry to say, but there is not any fix for activity privacy plugin as of now.

When Enable privacy of rtMedia admin settings is enabled, BuddyPress Activity Privacy plugin will not create any conflict. But if Enable privacy of rtMedia is disabled, BuddyPress Activity Privacy plugin is creating conflict with rtMedia privacy and the page reload issue occurs.

So, if you want to avoid this conflict you can enable rtMedia Privacy from admin settings.

Thank you.