Suggestion implement alongside EE

Can rtCamp look at working with ?


As an update to this thread, Let’s Encrypt is still in beta at this point in time. They claim they will offer public certs on 11/16/15.

While it’s in beta, their certs have been cross signed and now work in all major browsers without issues. Their beta program does allow individuals to request domains to be whitelisted, so you can use it now in production. I have done so. If anyone has an issue with Let’s Encrypts client, I found two posts that helped me generate my cert. It can be tricky, but so worth it.

This is a great resource for the EE folks to look at

Let’s Encrypt support has been implemented in EasyEngine with release of v3.4.0.

I am closing this ticket for now. Feel free to create a new ticket if you have any other doubt/suggestions.