Successfully Migrated — I Have Few Questions

Hi rtCamp,

First of all the tutorial is outdated and need an update I know you know what I mean because it’s your business. Anyway, The tutorial is still working…

My site a big site and thousands of people are visiting it everyday to get news and to know what’s happening in our country. I want to provide a better platform that’s why I decided to migrate to WordPress and after reading your tutorial many times I mean more than 10 times just to make sure I followed everything, the migration is successful. However the only thing missing is that all the post has no featured image.

A few questions in my mind:

  1. How can I import images from to WordPress?

  2. Is it okay to delete the fix.php file or it need to stay on my directory for life?

  3. Do I need to keep both WordPress Redirection Plugin and Blogger To WordPress Redirection Plugin for life or is it okay to uninstall both after using them?

  4. What about the A records and C Name that came from in domain DNS setting, do I need to remove it even I already changed the Nameservers?

Thank you guys for this amazing tutorial and I hope you can help me with this questions…