Subscribers can't modify images - they get weird -1 displayed instead of tools

Hi there,

When a subscriber level account tries to modify a photo, none of the tools are displayed, instead all they see is -1, see attached screenshot.

Everything works for admin level user though?

Please help



Thanks for bringing this to our notice.
We are using the default WordPress Image Editor here, and upon inspection found out that WordPress requires the users to have certain capabilities to edit the image, which the Subscribers don’t have. We will be releasing a fix for this in the next release.

No problem.

As you say, it’s only related to the subscriber level. All other levels such as contributor and author work fine.

Keep up the great work.



Has this issue been fixed yet?



We just load the default image editor from WordPress. The part where it checks the users’ capabilities is not filterable or modifiable.

The only way we can make this work is by duplicating the whole code into BuddyPress Media and replacing that one line of code.

Because of other side-effects, it will create, we are not doing that at the moment. However, work on rtMedia is progressing rapidly and we’ll be able to address this better in this new version.

I hope that is not a lot of inconvenience.



Following workflow is under consideration:

  1. Check what capability wordpress is checking for before returning -1
  2. Add that capability to "subscriber" role
  3. Verify if rtMedia image editing works after that
  4. If yes, check side-effect of that capability for subscriber role in dashboard.

If all looks good, we can go with capability changes.

If no, only workaround will be set default role to minimum "contributor" level. (which is current workaround).

This is taking time because any mistake in editing capabilities could result in unforeseen security issues.

Any progress on this?

Not yet. You may try this workaround for now -

Handling this in rtMedia is low on priority list.

Since this issue is related to image-editing only, we are also thinking about and other image-editors.