Sub Pages on Main Nav not showing up in IE - RT Framework

Hello all, loving the repsonsive & full customizable theme but ran into an issue where I don't see the main menu navagation's sub pages (categories for me) on IE8/below, but in Firefox/Chrome we are good.

It was working before, and I haven't installed new plugins so I don't know if I did something when adding custom gradients / rounded to the custom css area.

thanks for any help, chris

link is: auto parts category navigation

Hi, Are you still facing this issue?

hello, yes I am! the firefox, chrome navs work, but not IE. Any idea where to start? I am not at all the best designer, I've learned a lot in my short time but not so great on troubleshooting. :/

Hi, I found the issue in this file ->

If you remove the filter on "body #header-wrapper" it should work fine on IE. Infact if you remove the filter on all the selectors it should be fine.

you are awesome man! it’s perfect now. Any advice on how to see or diagnose problems like that? Maybe just your knowledge and boom! I cant wait to get better :slight_smile:

Great to know that.
In IE you can make use of Developer tools to inspect elements and debug the issue. Similarly with other browsers too.

I use firebug to find out div names and stuff for editing, but will definitely look into more for debugging. Thanks again dude! (hug) :slight_smile: