Stuck on next step for importing

Fixing Permalinks for Import Posts

this is the step I am stuck on. I have been watching the video on how to but because Im non techy Im not sure where to go to find WP theme directory to copy and paste the code into?

Is it better if I just got someone to do it for me. Because although it would appear like a simple process a non technical person this is challenging.

Help please

Hi Aggie,

The theme folder is the /wp-content/themes/{your_theme’s_name} folder inside your website’s root folder— usually called public_html, htdocs or www — on your server.

To access that you’d either need an FTP sofware like Filezilla and some working knowledge of it. Or, you can access it via the File Manager on your hosting provider’s control panel.

If that becomes a task, feel free to take some technical help. We too provide Blogger to WordPress migration services

Best of luck.

thanks for the reply and advice.
Quick questions : How much would it cost me to have someone migrate blogger to WP properly? And how long would it take? And what do you need from me?


Hi Aggie,
I am Nitun, handling blogger to WordPress migration process. You can simply drop me an email at along with your blog URL and issues you are facing. I will reply you with estimated cost and time.

Awaiting for your email in my inbox.