Strings missing


After update rtMedia and rtMedia Pro I can see this strings missing into the localization project:

In lightbox

  • Alt title for “close (Esc)”
  • Inside options, “Set as featured” and “Set as profile Pic”
  • “Report”
  • “Download”

In Media tab

  • In Options, “+Add album”
  • In Images sub-tab, “All Photos”
  • In Documents sub-tab, “All Documents”
  • In Likes sub-tab, “Medias liked by me”

In What’s New form

  • In privacy, “Logged in users”

Hi Andres, Thanks for pointing out. Some of the strings are already available, some are not. We will add them and update our translation project.

Hi and thanks for your reply, also some of the strings already available are not being translated in front end, in example "All Photos", I already translate that phrase a few days ago but in the front end with the last update still is being displayed "All Photos" instead of "Todas las Fotos"; also for "Close (Esc)" instead of "Cerrar (Esc)"

Hi Andres, We will check it and will update if we found any issue. Thanks for reporting :)