Streaming mp4 video with --wpfc

I have migrated a blog with quite a few mp4 files. I am noticing many of them don’t seem to be streaming properly.

I’ve added every variation of

location ~* .m(p4|4v)$ { mp4; mp4_buffer_size 1m; mp4_max_buffer_size 10m; }

I can think of to my conf file, but I still don’t see an improvement. Does anyone have some suggestions?

Putting your pages and videos is not a good practice at all. If a couple of users are streaming videos, your site might take forever to load, unless you are hosting the site on some crazy fast server with unlimited network speeds. I would suggest putting your media on a RTMP Server.

It was on a dedicated box with 32gb ram, apache, mysql, php5.6 w/ opcache… and started getting a bit nasty around ~400 concurrent users on the site (wordpress).

I decided to move it over to a 4gb ram DigitalOcean with easyengine (nginx, phpfpm)… the site loads nicely now, resource usage looks fine:

So far… it seems like video is loading ok on the box, but it could be better. I will look at doing an RTMP server to serve just the video though.