Strange problem with RTSocial, short posts, and duplicate icons

I've posted this same question on the wordpress forum for the plugin, so if you answer it there, feel free to ignore it here. I didn't know if anyone was monitoring that forum, there were no other posts...

I'm having a problem using the RTSocial plug-in with posts that are short. On one site, I'm using the_advanced_excerpt plugin along with RTSocial. There, if the post is shorter than the number of words specified for the excerpt, the like buttons at the bottom of the post are duplicated. Two sets of buttons. If I increase the post length so that it is one word longer than the specified excerpt length, the second set disappears.

On another test site, the only installed plugin is rtsocial. On that site, if the post is shorter than the 55 words in the default excerpt, the word "Like" is added to the end of the post text but only one set of like icons appears at the end of the post.

Any ideas?

PS: You guys should really do something to format some space between paragraphs on the forum postings. Put a little margin-bottom on your p’s.

Just for clarity, this is not taking place on a single post, but only in post lists that display with excerpts. When the the_content() is used for the display, it’s fine. Only when the_excerpt() or the_advanced_excerpt() is used in a loop, and the total post length is short of the excerpt length, does the problem appear.

Hi phpadam,
We are looking into this Issue. We will get back to you soon.

Any news on this issue? Been a few weeks…

Hi phpadam,

Sincere apologies for the delay and thanks for bringing this to our notice.

Please can you share with us a live URL where this problem occurs? We will be able to assist you better if we see the visible issue, though we are trying to set up a similar environment as yours and reproduce the issue. Also, could you tell us which other plugins have you installed on the site where the problem occurs? Just the names will be ok.

As soon as we reproduce and eradicate the issue, we’ll let you know here!


Ok. I think this is going to be a strange one for sure.

I have a few pages you can look at. One is at a fully functioning site, and I’d like to remove the test post as soon as possible, so let me know when I can do that. The other is on a testing site.

The first manifestation:

On the active site, I am using the Advanced Excerpt plugin and have set the excerpt length to 60 words. I have a short post that is assigned to a test category.

It is displaying two sets of buttons. I can send you the page code if you need to see it. Any post with a length LESS than 60 words will display two sets of buttons, but Weird, huh?

So that is the first site, and the first problem.

The second manifestation:

At this test site location:
you can see the other manifestation. Notice that the first post has the word “Like” at the end of the text. That is NOT in the post text. It is being added by the RTSocial plugin. If I disable the plugin, it disappears.

This one is a VERY pared down site. I am not using the Advanced Excerpt plugin. I only have your theme and your RTSocial plugin activated it is a child theme that has been unmodified.

Any thoughts?

Hi phpadam,

Thanks for a detailed description, it sure helps us spot the problem.

I have reproduced all the issues you’re facing.

On examining Advanced Excerpt’s code, I noticed that it uses the function remove_all_filters to remove all the filters that are applied to get_the_excerpt (which in turn runs on the_excerpt) and also applies a custom filter to the_content (which runs on the post content). rtSocial uses these 2 filters to append the social icons. Non technically speaking, AE removes the function that rtSocial uses for rendering the icons and reapplies it, all this after rtSocial’s execution ends.
Hence, it seems like AE plugin’s code is in conflict with rtSocial’s code.

We’re working on removing both the conflicts and will let you know very soon.


  • Rutwick

Excellent. Thanks!

However, don’t forget that it is also acting strangely even without the Advanced Excerpt plugin.

The site at:

does NOT use the AE plugin and is generating that strange “Like” added to the post excerpt text. I am only using rt panel child theme and ONLY the RTSocial plugin. Nothing else on that site at all…

Yes, I noticed the ‘Like’ issue too and looking in to it as well! Seems like it happens only when the post content is less than 55 words. Again, it possibly has something to do with the_excerpt filter that we used.
I assure you we’ll fix both the issues very soon!

  • Rutwick

Has there been any progress on this?

Hi phpadam,

We are working on it, and it will be fixed soon. We will update you once it’s done.

Thanks for using rtSocial.


Has this issue been addressed yet?

Hi PHPAdam,

We have released a new version of rtSocial. Although we could not reproduce the issue you faced, we have eliminated the possible causes for it.

Please try it, and let us know if you still face any problems. Also, we have added support for LinkedIn, Pinterest and GPlus Share in rtSocial now.

Awaiting to hear back from you!


I’ve posted this same question on the wordpress forum for the plugin, so if you answer it there, feel free to ignore it here. I didn’t know if anyone was monitoring that forum, there were no other posts…

I couldn’t find any question related to this topic on WordPress forum.
Anyways, you can update plugin with latest version., the issues is resolved.