Strange Configuration File


I recently installed ee and created a site with --wpfc .

The intend is to use with WooCommerce.

There are a few strange things in my installation at the moment.

  1. Configuration file looks messed up. - . This is the configuration file inside sites-available directory for my particular installation.
  2. No WooCommerce emails are being delivered. Even user created emails are sent out.

I installed the stack as with --all flag.



A bit more info.

service nginx reload gives a failed message.

Seems like vim encrypted file can you send me following command output.

file /path/to/that/file
cat /path/to/that/file

Also send nginx -t command output

nginx -t results -

cat and file command results -

As per file command out put file is encrypted with vim

Did you know the vim password for that file ?

if answer is NO then delete that file and create again.

As per my knowledge without vim password you can’t recover that file easily.


EasyEngine maintains every configuration inside git repository intialized in /etc/nginx

you can check old contents of your file using cd /etc/nginx/ && git diff yourfile


Yes, I know the password.

Thanks @harshadyeola. I fixed it by copying from my revision.

The emails are not being sent from server. How can I go ahead to sort this issue?

Hi @arjunskumar47

Please provide me your mail log:

tail /var/log/mail.log -n100