Storage Tab Counter


how about showing percentage storage allowed per member role as an icon/counter? buddydrive shows this in member profile and admin user area (free plugin)


@buddhatunes - As of now we don’t have an option to allocate specific space to a user. So there would be no point in providing the “Storage Tab Counter”.

We may add this option in the future to rtMedia Pro but as of this is on a low priority and there is no guarantee on as to when would this be available.

I have made a note of this and existing PRO users can track it’s status via

If you are not using rtMedia-PRO yet, you may upgrade by visiting –


I am a Pro user, and this should be a Pro feature - don’t really see the $99 value yet in this upgrade -

for instance, the mediaelement player does not even customize


@buddhatunes - Regarding pricing of PRO plugin, if you check - you will see that there is large pricing variation for all our premium stuff.

Pricing depends on many things like complexity of development, complexity of setup, expected number of users, etc

We are still in the process of thinking whether this feature would be better suited to go in our upcoming rtMedia Membership addon or in rtMedia Pro.