STFP tutorial doesn't work for me on AWS ubuntu 16.04

Hi, I’ve installed ee on this AWS machine:

I’ve followed your tutorial for SFTP

but when I try to connect via SSH with ssh www-data@52.57.168.XX I’ve this result:

Permission denied (publickey)

What can I do?

AWS ssh settings are very particular. It’s not possible to login with anything else than ssh key.

Thank you for your reply. How should I deal with it?


(In my opinion) choose another provider like linode, digitalocean, OVH or Vultr. Less expensive, same/better performances, less limitations

Acutally it’s free for the first year. It couldn’t be less expansive.

Free is expensive when you can’t count on your provider’s support for something simple, like SSHing your server, depending on community to solve your problem.

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AWS : 1vCore - 1GB RAM - 8GB shared hard drive storage = 0€ the first year OVH : 1vCore - 2GB RAM - 10GB SSD - 100Mpbs bandwidth without traffic limitation = $4/mo always

Check the price of AWS at the end of your free tier, and the time needed to migrate from them to another provider.

I’m not interested in this kind of philosophy. When I say free I mean $0.

In AWS Free Tier there is something else. It seems to me that this post is becoming promotional. My question is technical.

My answer too. FTP is blocked with AWS like with Google Engine, and SFTP require ssh keys.

I hope someone else can help you. Virtubox is the most skilled person here. When Virtubox speaks you better listen to.

BTW, what did you get with AWS technical support?

Yes virtubox, your first answer were technical and allowed me to address the question. The second and the third one were less technical and focused.

I’m going to post also on AWS forum and I’ll update this post here.

Thank you.

It was less technical because I have already work with AWS and Google Compute Engine, and I do not use them anymore due to limitations and price compared to other providers.

Without using auto-scaling or other advanced features, there is no reason to choose AWS or Google. I have already migrate too many clients from AWS to another provider to say “free tier” is a good plan.

Dear Virtubox, I’ve found here the solution

After just change 1 line. Thank you again.

sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

change the line

PasswordAuthentication no


PasswordAuthentication yes

Restart the SSH service by running the following command as root:

sudo service ssh restart

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You are right, I was thinking there was the same limitation than with Google Cloud Engine. But I recommend you to change the default ssh port to avoid bruteforce on your server.

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