Status change from everything to updates


Hallo, would have if a user is logging in as standard I set everything but the updates will be happy to set … I hope you can help me, thank you

here is a still image so that it is better to understand


Hello tksysteme,

We are looking into it. We will get back to you as soon as we find any solution on this.



Hello tksysteme,

Add following lines of code in functions.php

function rtp_filtering_activity_default( $query ) {
    if ( empty( $query ) && empty( $_POST ) && ! bp_is_my_profile() && ! bp_is_group() ) {
        $query = 'action=activity_update';
    return $query;

add_filter( 'bp_ajax_querystring', 'rtp_filtering_activity_default', 999 );

Also add following JS code in custom script

jQuery( '#activity-filter-by' ).val( 'activity_update' );

Hope this helps you.



perfectly that’s exactly what I need :slight_smile: Thx


You are welcome :slight_smile: