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Hey i am planning to start my own blog with poems and trouble free file sharing with keep2share but i want to use wordpress for it, is their any better tool as compared to wordpress? especially for poems and quotes related blogs?

Hi @samsaint83

WordPress would be great for this, however there may be easier options out there that don’t have so much of a learning curve.

Have you considered (separately owned to

I believe is aimed more at users who need more of a blog rather than a fully fledged website. It’s much easier to get started than installing WordPress (from and learning how to use it if you’ve never done so.

You could also give a go, very quick and easy with lots of other poem bloggers to share/re-post their work natively within their product.

Hope this helps,

I’ve never used Tumblr but I would imagine it would be the ideal platform for this, given the social sharing / content discovery / followers aspects of it – would be easier for you to find an audience for your content there than having an isolated website. Free to use. And you can buy your own domain name from whichever registrar you want to buy from and point it at your Tumblr page.

That way, all the tech/content delivery and server stuff is handled by them and never anything you have to worry about. I only mention Tumblr because there’s a huge audience on there already. Easier for you to find other blogs (websites) to follow and easier for people to follow yours.

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