Start Configeration Button is Not Working


I have installed and activated the Blogger to Wordpress redirection plugin, but for some reason, I can NOT get the “Start Configuration” button to work. I have clicked and clicked on the button, and nothing happens. I am using a Mac, so I have tried to click on the button in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, and nothing is working.

Anyone have any ideas?

I am using HostGator, and I have contacted them and they said this isn’t hitting any mod_sec rules in the server. So they don’t know why the button is not working for me. Any ideas? Please let me know soon.

I am using Wordpress 3.2.1.


Hi Zoe,
It might be the problem with your browsers, please cross check whether javascript is enable or not. You need to enable javascript, so that the “Start Configuration” button should work fine.

I have checked and Javascript is enabled on all browsers. But the button is still not working. :frowning:

The plugin is well tested with all the browsers, it is working fine on my side. Please cross check it on other WP setup, may be some of the Javascript file is missing in your WP setup.

I couldn’t figure it out. It may be a Mac-PC thing. HostGator did the Wordpress set up and all other plugins work fine. I ended up using another plugin (Blogger 301 Redirect), which ended up redirecting the same as your plugin does. I’ve been able to use your plugin in the past, for previous blogs, but I was on a PC then and I was with another web host. But anyway, thank you for your reply to my question anyway.

Thank you for update Zoe. Its good that your problem is resolved. However I must say that our plugin should work on your MAC too. As we haven’t faced this issue before.