SSl support for alias domains (multisite setup WordPress)

When will the Feature for alias domains will be coming out? Ref .

@mrrobot47 you once told me It will take care of SSL for all domains. Simply adding a new alias domain will re-create the main SSL certificate of the site with that domain/subdomain appended.

Can you give us any update about that feature?
Otherwise I we can not use ee in a multisite setup :pensive:
Or: is there a command to install a own cert for that single subdom?


@Wicked Alias domains support is available in EEv4 right now :slight_smile:

Thank you! Finally :heart_eyes: will check it out soon. Is it possible to update the ssl certificate in production or how is the recommended way from your pov?

@kirtan could you let me know how to update the ssl to wildcard ssl on a subdom setup? Or is the best way to start from scratch? Thanks!

Maybe you can tell me the command for setup a Multisite + Subdom + Letsencrypt SSL Wildcard
I try now: ee site create --type=wp --mu=subdom --ssl=le --wildcard

When you create a WP subdom site with SSL, it gets wildcard certificate by default

Hi man @kirtan How to install SSL in alias domain? I have with wildcard SSL, but dont work in alias

@baitasite If you have with wildcard SSL, then that certificate will be valid for and *

You should create with wildcard SSL if you want SSL on and