SSL Renewal can not updated with the latest EasyEngine v4.1.1

I used the command “ee cli update” to update from v4.0.17 to v4.1.1
After that, I tried to run a ssl renew but it get error
I tried every command I can, such as
“ee site ssl-renew --all” >>> Error: Error: Only Letsencrypt certificate renewal is supported.
I tried others:
ee site update --ssl=le >>> Error: Site already contains SSL.
I found that error just exist from v4.1.1 (5 days release from now 17 Aug)
I have other sites run V4.0.17 and when I tried to run ee site ssl-renew --all, it just works fine.
any idea to fix this problem?

Same issue here

We are looking into it.
Thanks for reporting.

We have identified the issue.
We will be releasing the fix tomorrow.


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The fix has been released in v4.1.3.
Please update to the latest version using

ee cli update
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