SSL not auto renewing on 4.0.12

Hey guys,

I can easily manually renew SSL certs (LE) on 4.0.12 but there seems to be no autorenewal. Do we need to manually setup the cron for that? I thought it would be automatically created with every LE cert.

Thanks for helping,

My ssl certs never ever did auto renew.

Doesn’t help a whole lot. Mine did on EEv3 and I thought there should be a cron to do so on EEv4 but looks like it’s not :-/

I have asked this same question and didn’t get a reply. It doesn’t look like a cron job was set for it but I know there are like 5 different cron files nowadays and it could be in any of them if it is there but I have yet you have any of my servers auto-renew.

interesting, really surprised so to see that allegedly no cron is created even though there’s a command to renew all and there’s a sophisticated cron system.

I’m a bit worried to see 4.x release seemed to have slowed down quite a lot again after some immediate fixes early on. Wonder if it’s just because they’re trying to fix stuff now and take their time or if the project is slowing down again.