SSL Easyengine Problem

Hi Guys,

I have a problem which I couldn’t solve yet.

  1. I have a DO Droplet , I set Cname to WWW and A Record to Non-WWW (I did this after i installed EE and the wordpress site already after reading here in the forum)

  2. I try ee site update --letsencrypt

  3. I get Unable to setup, Let’s Encrypt
    2016-12-19 06:46:22,355 (ERROR) ee : Please make sure that your site is pointed to
    same server on which you are running Let’s Encrypt Client
    to allow it to verify the site automatically.

  4. tail -n100 /var/log/ee/ee.log shows see text file
    ssl_problem.txt (3.3 KB)


I too faced similar problem, I installed easyengine on domain but domain was not pointing to easyengine server. So after pointing domain to easyengine I installed lets encrypt ssl

can you specify easyengine server?

my www and non-www domain both point to easyengine. Thanks

Still looking for help here :slight_smile:

Go to

And set SSL to “Full (strict)”

My DNS settings there:

A IP CNAME www is an alias of

Will it really work ?