SSL certificate in primary domain

Okay, I need to keep the SSL certificate only in the domain, and in the subdomains, do you know how I can do this?


This webmail is out, hosted on another server, without SSL

I didn’t understand your doubt. Would you please elaborate it differently?

Do you have two servers? Both are EE, or only the webserver? Are both under your control, or is the webmail server under someone else’s duty?

Sim, 2 servidores.

Aplicação Web (minha gestão digital ocean) e o outro de e-mail (locaweb).

Quando tento acessar, pucha o ssl da aplicação web.

Please, let’s keep conversation in English for a matter of respect to non Portuguese speaking users.

If your webmail is trying to use the main domain cert there is only one explanation: it is accessing your server, not Locaweb’s.

Review you DNS settings, make sure webmail is pointing to Locaweb’s server (via A or via CNAME). Perhaps you’ll need their help in order to set everything up correctly.