Split: rtMedia issues

  • You cannot delete images without going to edit the album and checking each image and deleting them from there. It is impossible to delete images in the Public folder.
  • The lightbox cuts off images that are horizontal, it shows only half of the image.
  • Cannot seem to get the lightbox turned off, even when turning it off in the option menu from the dashboard.
  • Privacy settings seem to be much better, the images are not being shown in the activity when posted as "Friends Only".

Using the latest version of BP as well as WP. Hopefully these bugs can be fixed soon...


Thanks for bringing this ones to our attention. However, we almost lost the points in another thread. I have moved it into a new topic.

  • The delete isn't working on the lightbox, although it's working if we open single media on a new tab. We are looking into this and will release a fix asap.
  • This we haven't noticed, yet. Could you pass us a link, so we can see what the exact problem is.
  • This we had missed. we have already fixed it in the code. We'll release an update soon.
  • We used a radically new method for this, because the existing techniques weren't satisfactory. Thanks for noticing this.


You guys are doing excellent work. Being in the field of Information Technology I understand the annoyance of others depreciation for all that you do. Anyhow, the images when uploaded still do not resize properly within or without lightbox. It works with horizontal images, but not portrait for some reason… I have attached an image as well. Also, I have updated to 3.0.3 which I believe said fixed the problem? I could be wrong, but even after the update the problem persists.

Again thanks for the prompt replies and good work, you are appreciated by many!

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Please update the rtMedia 3.0.4 we have released it just now. We have fixed some image size issues which are reported by number of users.
I hope it will resolve your problem.
Let us know, if problem still persist at your end.


Thank you, I do greatly appreciate it, but for some reason it fixed all of the images that were already uploaded to the site. However, when you go to upload new content it goes back to the original problem… I’m not sure if I am the only one having this issue, but it doesnt seem to be resizing newly uploaded content.

Look at the settings in the rtmedia settings and save thsi new.
Maybe, deaktiv and aktiv the plugin again,
for me, works with new uploaded pictures too