Special characters in filename

Hi Guys

our testers have reported a problem uploading media containing the ^ character in the filename. The upload just falls over.

I understand there are some issues with multilingual characters too, e.g. filename пёсики-песочница-610680 always fails.

Could you maybe work in some filename cleaning code in the next update?

Unless there is a function to patch this?

Many thanks for your assistance.

Hello @AdamK,

Yes, sure. I will check this issue with the team.

Thanks for reporting this to us.


Thanks for getting back Pranali

Hello @AdamK,

We regenerated the issue at our end and our team is working on the fix.

We will include the fix for both the cases ( for ^ character and multilingual characters you mentioned ).

You can check the progress on this issue here as well - https://github.com/rtMediaWP/rtMedia/issues/941


Great Pranali, another little thing out of the way :slight_smile:

Hello @AdamK,

We have released a new update of rtMedia v4.4.3 with the issue fixed. Could you please update the same on your website and check if it is working fine for you?

Thanks, Pranali

Hi Pranali
sorry for the delay. We hit a major problem with our site due to a
screw up thanks to Updraft backup software. It basically killed the
site, and they took well over a month to assist us in restoring the
previous backup. I wouldn’t recommend using their software to any of
your clients if I were you.
Anyway we did manage to get the site back online. And yes, the special
characters issue now seems to be fixed so that’s great! Thanks for
your assistance with that.
I have another small issue, maybe I should raise a separate ticket
about this?
It’s to do with media uploads via bbpress forum posts. When adding
attachments it has the rtMedia UI on added files. But for some reason
it is missing the ‘X’ to remove unwanted files or blocked / problem
files. I have attached a screenshot, you can test this issue out on
our testbed server.
Please let me know about that, it’s really our last remaining bug.
Thanks again for your assistance :slight_smile:

Hello @AdamK,

We have replied to your similar query here - Missing 'X' on BBPress Forum Media Attachments

I am closing this topic to avoid duplicate communication.