Sorting media and saving?

Is there any way to sort your media using the sort action and then have it save in the way it sorted so that both the album owner and users view it that way?

Hello @LearntoDesign,

Unfortunately, there is not any option available to set default sorting for media gallery as of now. However, we are looking into it and hopefully will find a way using which can set it for all the users.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Hi pranalipatel,

One other question. If I am able to edit the distribution of the album myself, is there then anyway for me to $_POST this data back to the RTMedia Tables that are called to get the order of the album in the first place?

What files/functions should I look at?

Hello @LearntoDesign,

Please confirm, you are using rtMedia Sorting addon to sort the media at first place.

Here is the product link -

If you are using rtMedia Premium add-ons, please use support tab inside your website dashboard under rtMedia -> Settings -> Support Or create premium support.

Thank you, Pranali