Someone steal or clone entire website


100% same with some costum, That clone site is updating in real time with my
how to fix this problem?


You have RSS feeds enabled and they are importing your feed?


i have disable my rss feed, seem like he mirroring/reverse proxy my web in realtime…
i try manual block his ip address seems work, he change ip and i block again…find real ip behid cloudflare is exhausting…and now he change method, i think he use couple proxy behind his real ip and i can find it


It should be difficult to find your IP address if you are using CloudFlare correctly. (Don’t leave a DNS entry.) I wrote a small script for Debian/Ubuntu to block all IP addresses except for CloudFlare if you want to try that. You must use CloudFlare for every website on this server if you use this script. It only works on EEv3. EEv4 does not work with UFW yet. Make sure you have a backup of your server before you run this as you could lock yourself out depending on your settings.


have try that, not work he still runing…i think he not pointing to my ip adress because i using cloudflare to, so as long my domain still up he still can mirror me


Hi guys.

Is there a solution to this? How can it be possible that someone is mirroring the entire site ?


If you have someone who is persistent, there isn’t a good way to prevent the mirroring of an entire site. A website can be mirrored with 10 lines of code. With AWS, you can spin up a new server (with new IP) every 4 hours and copy the website. This might cost a couple dollars a month.

The only way to truly stop someone is through a DMCA request. This is a good primer on how to proceed:


change primary ip not work at all because he pointing my domain, dmca request take to long and that clone just change his domain…block ip adress useless now, he use random free proxy in my country and always change his ip/sec.
The only option left is activating “Under attack mode” it will prevent users accessing their websites
and it show my domain: Checking your browser before accessing but my visitor drop because not all people willing to wait 5 sec…
i see why so much popular site using Under attack mode now, because reverse proxy clone web it’s hard to block nowaday


This is a legal problem, not a technical problem. If your site is open without a login anyone can copy the data. Make sure your images are watermarked.


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