Some unusual Bugs I've experienced

  1. When a user deletes or migrates the site rtMedia still uses the old Database and loads up “Blank” image holders for the images that are gone.
    Question: Is there a way to quickly delete all the image holders or from the DB and if so which table?

  2. When a user link to Media is clicked for example you are defaulted to a Media collection page but the flaw to this is that there’s no OPTIONS to upload or to give a user a LINK to their profile Uploading page.
    Question: Can you later on add a LINK in that OOPS!! so users can access their uploader page quickly? I believe it’s just a simple case of creating a php code to LINK to their loggedin.

3.rtMedia is very aggressive on denying any other LIGHT box access to the images. If you disable the image lightbox in rtMedia the images become links to a page with the image. This means we can’t use other lightbox alongside rtMedia except rtMedia.
Question: Will you later on add “LINKLESS” feature so we can use our own LightBoxes? Simply put can you give us an option to get rid of the SINGLE PAGE display of an image?

4.rtMedia mysteriously vanishes all LINKS if you use certain PAGES that overwrite their pages.
Question: Which default pages should we AVOID? I don’t remember exactly which NAMES I used for some pages but it caused rtMedia to vanish all links to media files and albums. I resorted to deleting all the pages related to media and starting over with very unique names and the links reappeared. Can you tell us which page names we should be avoiding?

5.rtMedia only has MASS album display for shortcode.
Question: Will there be any plans to add individual user album shortcodes? For example [bpmedia userid=1] ect. Just example.

These are a few I am curious to get answers for and looking forward to seeing applied to rtMedia.
Thanks for writing such a wonderful plugin and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I am looking forward to being a PRO version soon enough when I stabilize my site and confident rtMedia is the solution for my website.


  1. Can you give some more details regarding the issue?

  2. If you are using rtMedia with BuddyPress, than there is no need any upload link. User can upload media right from user’s media gallery itself. If you are not using BuddyPress, than in that case you need to create a page or post containing rtMedia uploader shortcode from where user can upload media.

  3. No, that’s wrong. You can use your custom lightbox and many rtMedia users do that.

  4. Page with name media will create conflict. But, you can change media slug in your site’s wp-config.php file and it won’t create any conflict. Check this document for more details ->

  5. Can you give me some more details? What shortcode you actually want?