Some translation issues

I've just made a german translation for your plugin and I found some little "bugs" in the code.

  1. bp-media-template-functions.php, line 8: "(Max File Size:" is not translatable.
  2. bp-media-loader.php, line 83: load_textdomain() should be called at the top of this file, otherwise the label constants (line 25) will not be translated.
  3. bp-media-loader.php, line 85: You use load_textdomain instead of load_plugin_textdomain. I don't know if this is necessary (bp itself does the same), but if not, you should use load_plugin_textdomain.
  4. Just a quick note: you haven't documented that you plugin is translatable and there is no /languages directory and no .pot catalog. I think many users will not know where the files belong.

Are you interested in getting the german language files?

Hello wemaflo.

Thank you for pointing this out.

Current version is not translation-ready. However, we do have plans to release the translatable version soon.

I appreciate your support for providing the German language files, you can fork our project on GitHub, and the send us a ‘pull’ request.

I am updating the documentation to make sure that other developers will be clear on translation part.


When BPM will be translation ready I’ll be glad to contribute with italian translation, if need, just let me know.

Hi Mac,

As of now first priority is to complete some important and useful features first. As soon as they are done, we will make it translation ready.

Thanks for new acronym - BPM :slight_smile:

i love your plugin…really!!! some news about translate feature? thanks and good work

We will be done with major functionality by the end of this month.
Then we will start translation process with the help from all of you. :slight_smile:

i can help for italian language when .pot file will be ready.

I hope this plugin will be translation ready next month. :slight_smile:

Hi All,

I forgot to update this thread on time.

We have added translation support from long time. You can get more info here:

Hi, is it possible to get the .pot catalog file to do other translations?

@unknownterritory20 The .pot file is included in the plugin in /languages/ folder. However, the plugin is undergoing drastic changes and hence it'd be advisable to wait till the release of rtMedia