Some suggestions for tutorials

Hi there,

I really enjoy your tutorials so I thought I'd give you some suggestions for future tutorials :-)

  • nginx+ WP + redis cache see: and

  • nginx+naxsi - it looks like naxsi is the equivalent of mod_security for nginx and would be very useful.

And here is another idea: while I was running Apache I used Munin and Mailgraph to monitor my server but using ISPCONFIG3+nginx linda complicates matters. Here is the basic Apache based tutorial for mailgraph. And here the one for munin.

Or is there similar software that yo ucan recommend that is easier to set up with nginx+ISPCFG3?


Thanks for more suggestions.

Nginx+Redis is definitely nice combo. I am eager to start working on next part where I will explore memcache, redis, etc i.e. RAM-based caching techniques.

But because of some other commitments, I won't be able to devote needed time before Feb-end.

Thanks for the reply, am looking forward to more tutorials from you :-)

Here is another one: - the mod_pagespeed equivalent - still in alpha and needs to be manually built which is above my current skill level but I must say I loved mod_pagespeed while I was still running apache2. looks really interesting. :-)

Will explore it in free time and if I can get it working, I will definitely write about it.

it is! I used mod_pagespeed for apache for about a year and it works brilliant! no need to rely on plugins, all the minification and other work is done serverside and serverwide :-)

So far, I had bad experience with combining CSS & JS files.

Many times, things like slider, tabs, etc which uses JS breaks when combining JS files.

Anyway, I am all hungry for more speed! I will be testing some new stuff from Monday. I hope I will have something good to share before month-end.

I know exactly what you mean. I tried plenty of js and css plugins for combining and minifying and I must say I had the best results with mod_pagespeed.

I've been busy trying to compile nginx + naxsi + ngx_pagespeed but have hit trouble. I'll let you know if I get anywhere with it. Meanwhile, here is the link to another thread with my findings so far:

Hi Rahul, just curious, are you looking into naxsi or planning to?

naxsi is on the list. But might take few months before we get there!