Some problems with creating galleries on pages

Hi Guys

On my website, I would like to have some showcase pages. MeeWork is a community for artists, so that could be great.
I would like to have 3 pages. One for images, video and music. So good so far. I have created the 3 pages, and I have created 3 galleries called “Showcase Images” “Showcase Video” and “Showcase Music”
When I then go into a page like the one I have created for images, I then click on the shortcode button, and select a gallery on the image page. When I then go to my media tab and click upload new image and choose the “Showcase Images” gallery and then go to the image page, it say that there are no media found. I cant understand what I am making wrong. Could you guys give me a shortcode that will allow my users to upload images, videos or music to the pages, that I have assign those galleries to.

@sorensen84 - Sorry to say that rtMedia as of now does not provide a shortcode as such wherein you can list out all the media from an album. We will be adding this functionality soon.

Thank you Joshua. I am looking forward to it :slight_smile: