Some nginx + ISPCONFIG problems

Hi there,

I see that you offer ISPCFG installation in your services so you must be proficient with it, I guess :-)

I've used ISPCFG+apache for years and am now experimenting with ISPCFG+nginx.

In addition to the vanilla install of ISPCFG I need to add these nginx directives to wordpress sites to make them work:

location / {  
try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?q=$uri&$args;  
# Add trailing slash to */wp-admin requests.  
rewrite /wp-admin$ $scheme://$host$uri/ permanent;  

but there is still one remaining problem: the URL of my dashboard looks like: mysite.tld/wp-admin/index.php and hovering on the menus doesn't work. If I however manually type in the URl as mysite.tld/wp-admin/ the menus work again. Also navigating to any other menu than the dashboard makes the menus work again.

Any hint for me on how to fix this? Are you planning any tutorials/tricks to get ISPCFG+nginx working perfectly for wordpress?

Try using plugin. When activated it removes index.php from URL.

Another thing is to check try commenting out following line

rewrite /wp-admin$ $scheme://$host$uri/ permanent;

Please let me know if either of above works for you.

p.s. Do NOT forget to reload nginx config everytime you make changes.

Just wanted to add some more information:

I'm not really a complete beginner with nginx either, I have it running on a small VPS serving wordpress perfectly but without ISPCONFIG.

I'm looking for help integrating nginx with ISPCONFIG since I can't seem to get ISPCONFIG+nginx+Wordpress to play along nicely :-)

Thanks but that is a different problem: that plugin removes the index.php on the FRONT END from permalinks not on the back end. I just tried it anyway and it doesn't help.

I also commented the line you indicated and still no change (of course restarted nginx).

Actually I failed to reproduce same issue on ISPConfig.

In fact I just followed ISPConfigs standard installation process.

You can ignore /wp-admin/index.php if /wp-admin/ is working fine.

Oh, thanks for confirming. I also followed the default instructions.

I migrated this one site from my old server running ISPCFG+apache2 to the new one with ISPCFG+nginx to test and thought it was my nginx config.

I just deactivated all plugins and reactivated them one by one and figured out it was this one: that was breaking the dashboard. I will notify the plugin author.

Thanks for confirming that there is nothing wrong with the default ISPCFG3+nginx+WordPress configuration.

Are there any special tips you can share for ISPCFG3+nginx+WordPress? Any special configuration, anythign you add to the ISPCFG template files or maybe to the nginx directives field within each WordPress site?

Otherwise I'm just going to read through all your tutorials and see what I can re-use :-)


Glad to know that your issue is solved.

I haven't use ISPConfig much. Only 3 times to be specific.

I have plan to publish kind of "season-2" of wordpress-nginx tutorials. Goal is to cover some advanced caching techniques, config for famous plugins, etc.

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Great, thanks a lot for your help! I have subscribed!

You see, ISPCFG is great, you just need to use it accordingly. i.e. some changes that you always need should not be made via the nginx directives but rather in the right template files. it is ready for customization you just need to know which files can hold suer customizations and what to customize there :-)

i.e. since I'm only going to host Wordpress this code should/could go into a template file:

location / {  
try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?q=$uri&$args;  

Above 1-line will be needed by many kind of applications which supports "pretty permalinks"

ISPConfig does too many things which I do not like. Still, if I have to put up a web-based control panel, I will recommend ISPConfig over cPanel/Plesk (Pleask supports Nginx somewhat)

True, ISPCFG is the best free control panel I could find I looked very hard to find another one :-(


ISPconfig like most control panel tries to handle too many things! That is why I do NOT like it. I only like the fact that it works!

Unless a client want to have a mail server and want an interface to add/remove email-ids on ongoing basis, I do not recommend ISPConfig.

I’d like to manage 5 ip’s and my own DNS. I’d like a good web-based tool. What’s your recommendation? I don’t want use ISPConfig to manage DNS only.

I can highly recommend Cloudflare - its the best DNS manager I’ve ever seen. If you don’t need a self-hosted solution go with Cloudflare.

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Honestly, my recommendation as above is NOT to run your own DNS. There’s zero benefit and you open your servers up to another attack vector for some script kiddie.

There’s two things I opted never to run for myself or clients a) DNS because so many companies do it so much better for little or no money (cloudflare, rage4, route53 etc) and email servers (because it’s cheap or free to get enterprise email elsewhere and I don’t have to worry about my IPs being blacklisted thanks to some spambot).

It’s the golden age in opensource and accessible services, use them.