Some InspireBook functions aren't working


The side widget for ‘New Members’ doesn’t work. (I’s using buddy press) It shows the newest members registered yes, but when ‘Recently Active’ is clicked the website is simply refreshed.

The drop down menu in the buddypress Members list isn’t working either. The one that has the options: Alphabetical, Newly registered, Active. None of the options work.

Thank you

Hello Matthewe,

It seems strange because its working fine at our end. And no other user faced such issue.

It may be an issue with some other plugin’s JS conflict. Can you please cross check by disabling other plugins?

If problem still persist, kindly share your website Admin login details with us by using private message here.


Thank you for your reply.

I’m on Bluehost and they’ve had some issues with the server in the past couple of days. Could it be a fault on their end? I’m not sure what to do to fix it.

It was working fine two days ago, and I didn’t download any new plugins since then.

Found the culprit. I deactivated W3 Total Cache and everything turned to normal (slow runs a bit slow though). Any idea why that plugin would do this please?

Thank you

Not sure why you are facing this kind of issue, since everything works fine at our end.


The sidebar stuff throws me too… Documentation on them is sketchy… I’ve had to do a complete RELOAD of the site to get the Buddypress Friend’s sidebar Widget to re-appear…


As per above discussion it seems like you are facing issue with the W3 total cache plugin and NOT with Inspirebook theme.

Or may be its an issue because of slow shared hosting.
As you can see on our demo site everything is working fine.

Anyways, we can cross check your site. Please share your WordPress admin login details with us. Kindly send us a private reply here. We will get back to you asap with solution.