Some Help


Hi there guys,

I’ve being missing for a few months (good ones) because some medical issues. My stack is HHVM - REDIS - php5-fpm fallback, memcache with nginx fastcgi cache. I’m still using v 3.3.0 EasyEngine. Now…my question. Is PHP7 faster than HHVM? I want to redo the stack and I want to use the best solution for a faster Wordpress. I have the 20$ DigitalOcean droplet but I can increase it. Some insight please?



Hi @alexblajan,

Regarding which is faster, I think these links will give you a few good insights:

For HHVM with PHP 7 fallback, check out the configuration mentioned here.


Thank you for the help. One more thing. If I install everything in stack manually (ee stack install --nginx --hhvm --mysql etc) when I get to redis, it automatically installs PHP5.6-fpm. But I want just HHVM on my droplet because it will work for sure with my plugins and theme. Should I just hit ee stack purge --php ?


Hhvm will be deprecated in future EE versions, so I heard. PHP7 more stable and more supported by plugins.


hhvm will be depreciated??? oh no! :frowning:


Nevermind. PHP7 is pretty stable and as fast as HHVM itself.