Some features I would like to see

Hi, great plugin but I have a few updates that would make this plugin even better.

  1. Add title and description before audio upload. The user must fill in title and description before they upload their audio.

  2. Audio artwork. Allow users to add artwork to their audio uploads.

  3. Limit audio uploads to specific time or file size.

Any chance you could add theses?



  1. Work is underway on this. In fact, you’d be able to set title, description, privacy and some other attributes at the time of upload itself.
  2. See:
  3. See:



Editing title & description is already added in new rtMedia.

Upload file size limit feature is added in rtMedia-PRO 1.1

You can set separate file size limit for photos, vidoes and music files.

If you are using rtMedia-PRO please upgrade in case you are not seeing this feature.

If you are not using PRO yet, you may upgrade from


Also, in one of upcoming release, we will be adding a support for ID3 tags to get audio-artwork, which will be used for thumbnails.