Some doubts before buy PRO-VERSION


I installed the plugin rtMedia Free in my wordpress website but I found some bugs, you can see these errors bellow:

I uploaded one video with these size: 1080x720 but when I put any video this video continuing with the same size, like the first link above and the thumbnails not are generated

I checked in more than one theme but the problem still the same.

I’d like to buy the Pro-version, these problems above in pro-version was solved?

I have another question about the moderation of pictures/videos in Pro-Version.

I can approve or not the photo/video of the user via wp-admin after the user post it? Or the pictures/videos always will be approved no matter the content?

Many Thanks

@venancio98 - Am not exactly able to understand your issue in the images you have provided.

If you are talking about the styling then check and see if the problem persists after switching to the BuddyPress default theme or any other WordPress default theme like TwentyTwelve or TwentyThirteen.

Regarding the video thumbnails you would need to use our Audio/Video Encoding Service or the rtMedia FFMPEG addon to generate the thumbnails for videos on the fly.

Regarding moderation as of now rtMedia-Pro provides an option for users to flag inappropriate media. Once media is flagged it goes to the moderation queue. As of now we don’t have a functionality in place where the uploaded media directly goes into moderation.

Check out the following link for a list of all the demos we provide ->
The first rtMedia demo link has rtMedia Pro installed on it alongwith the Photo Tagging and Instagram addons.

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ll buy both the RT pro stuff and the FFMPEG thing. Is there any link you can send me to buy both at discounted rate? (doesn’t cost to ask isn’t?)

Many thanks,


@venancio98 - As of now we don’t have any discounts available, but you could subscribe to our newsletter here -> to stay up to date on rtMedia and which also contains discount codes that you can use.

Also before you buy the FFMPEG addon, make sure you have a VPS/Dedicated server as this will not work on shared hosting.

Following are some useful links