[Solved] HHVM & Server Issues

Hello rtCommunity!

I’ve been having some issues with a server of mine, where i get 200 people online (wordpress) and i get the server hanging by a thread. I already made a clean installation on a DO vps, where just did the server basic configurations (firewall, new ssh ports, etc…) and installed my website using --WPFC and after it i installed HHVM.

I’m running a 5$ VPS, and using Jepack Photon for images CDN and Cloudflare for the rest. I’m only using 9 plugins and they’re popular ones, jetpack, contactform, etc…

The Cpu and Memory goes very high on hhvm, but it’s basically the CPU. I haven’t touched on the EE standard configurations.

Can you help me track what’s causing this? Thank you in advance!

Solved: Post Theia Slider Plugin killed the server. Still trying to figure out what happened.