Solutions for db connection error no longer work

I’m so annoyed with easyengine, it seemed like such a cool project, but unfortunately it has no more conditions. There are many mistakes that we need to keep cleaning up on a daily basis. Now I’ve gone into one that seems to have no solution, nor restoring backup and / or image. Error connecting to the constant database, nor the command ee service restart db that in some cases resuscitated sites no longer works, nor reboot or poweroff. Sad.
I have a server with 2G of ram on DigitalOcean.

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Hi @juliocorrea, can you explain a bit more your issues?
Seems to me the issues that you’re facing it’s more to server admin and DevOps operations, than EasyEngine’s work.

nor restoring backup and / or image.
Can you paste here what error exactly and what is the command that you’re writing, so more people see that and most probably has a solution too?
Same goes for the other issues that you’re facing.
Pasting here some logs, and a bit more analysis of the errors, I’m sure you’re going to find a solution.

-What System are you running on Ubuntu, Debian, something else
-What are your error logs showing?

I Am pretty new on EasyEngine, and I can say it’s pretty cool and Open Source(!) till now I didn’t had any issue like you’re mentioning, and I found pretty much everything in the Docs.

Doing a good analysis of your error, and give us here any logs that you can find, Im sure that you finally find a solution.

regards, Stefano

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Hi Stefano, thanks for replying, my problem is always one, every 2, 3 days the server of the connection error with the db, hence I have to keep trying ee service restart db, sometimes it does not work, hence I try the reboot or poweroff , so sometimes it gives 502 bad gateway, when this happens I try to disable / enable site, some of these solutions always work, but now this last time there is no way, I tried everything. I have a 2G RAM server from Digital Ocean running Ubuntu all upgraded.


Hi @juliocorrea, to be honest, while I’m reading your analysis, seems to me more like your machine’s issue rather easyengine. But we don’t need to guess to find the issue.
To monitor Nginx, PHP, MySQL logs, as I am reading in the DOcs its easy peasy,
You can read them here
Another useful tool to monitor your server and overview of the processes running on your Linux system is htop: you can check it here.
It is very useful to know, in what system you are on, so try this command and paste the output here:
uname -a
To check another important aspect of your server you need to check the CPU steal time:
Steal time is the percentage of time a virtual CPU waits for a real CPU while the hypervisor is servicing another virtual processor.
Here is a guide i found to check your machine’s CPU Steal.
Last but most probably the cause if your issue is your web application, are you running on WordPress?
WP is hungry when it comes to SQL queries, something is blowing your sql server, could be a plugin, or a theme code, you need to debug also your web application.
Try to do all the above, come back and paste here the above logs (sql logs, error logs) and WordPress logs ( How to debug WordPress)
Lets see what you have in the error logs.

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Adding onto what @ArchoC said, I am using this nifty tool called ctop. It’s htop but for containers.

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