SOAP on EEv4 RC2, PHP 7.2, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Is this a Docker type thingy I don’t understand, or am I being completely brain dead?

Getting SOAP to run used to be simply a question of apt-getting the module, deleting a semicolon in the php.ini file, a quick restart and Bob used to be your Uncle.

But oh no, not with EEv4, PHP 7.2, Ubuntu 18.04 for some reason.

What gives?

The SOAP extension has been enabled in EasyEngine rc.2 release. Please update if you haven’t already done so -

But if you have an older beta release, it is better to start with a fresh install.

Thanks, but if you look in the subject it says very clearly that it is EEv4 RC2.

And I also don’t recognise what you are saying because it certainly was not enabled.

How do you check to see if it’s enabled? I have a couple of test sites up on RC2 that I could see if the SOAP extension is running/enabled on mine?

I am not sure if there’s a better way, but if you install the woocommerce plugin then you can check the WooCommerce status page. It displays a message whether you have SOAP enabled or not.

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@terencemilbourn just as the other person recommended, I checked one of my EE4 websites with Woocommerce installed and the SOAP extension is installed

This was a fresh install of EE4 on a VPS isntance that is currently hosted at Vultr.

We have documented php modules shipped with EasyEngine v4 here

It threw a “not configured correctly” error and so I loaded their checker script…

This was a brand new install of RC2 which I have now updated to 4.03 and I am still having this problem.

What are the configuration files I should check to ensure that nothing is misconfigured so that SOAP will be activated.

@rahul286 Yes, the docs says its there but no mention of how to implement or troubleshoot it.

You can check the output of -

ee shell --command='php -m' | grep soap

If it’s empty, that means the extension is not installed.

That’s empty so, for some reason, it hasn’t installed.

So what’s the best way to install it now?

This was a fresh install of RC2 on DigitalOcean then an update to 4.0 then 4.03 and still soap has not installed for some reason.

I am wondering if it would just be best to create a new install with 4.0x and start again.

Can you share the output of the following commands here:

docker images
cd /opt/easyengine/sites/
docker inspect $(docker-compose ps -q php)

I am wondering if it would just be best to create a new install with 4.0x and start again.

Also, can you try it and let us know if it works for you?

@terencemilbourn Please mail the output of these commands to [email protected] as the output might contain sensitive information.

@mriyam.tamuli I mailed it about an hour after you posted.

EEv4.0.4, PHP7.2, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

I can confirm that when I installed the latest version [4.0.4], and I ran this command, I got the confirmation that SOAP is now running. So whatever caused it not to load here in RC2, 4.0, and 4.03, is not present in 4.04.

Good to know it started working for you. I am closing this issue. Thanks for using EasyEngine.