SMTP Server Setup


Any tips how to make wordpress and cf7 deliver emails? Tried some plugins also!

PHPMailer ErrorInfo: SMTP connect() failed. Mailer: smtp Host: Port: 465 SMTPSecure: ssl SMTPAutoTLS: bool(false) SMTPAuth: bool(true)

I have no idea what to do!



personally, I prefer to use formidable form rather than cf7. It do the same, without having to edit templates. Then use Easy SMTP on port 465 with SSL enabled.


Thanks man! Never heard about formidable i ll check it. Easy smtp is good and also WP Mail SMTP.

Although i ve checked another site on the same server with gmail settings and it works.


I can’t recommend enough. They strictly provide transactional email support so your mail never ends up in spam. You can easily offload marketing emails to other services that are a dime a dozen.


My experience with Zoho is that they have restrictions (protections) in place that make it challenging to consistently use them as an SMTP gateway. I have had no issues with the free tier of SendGrid and/or Amazon SES (paid, but very inexpensive). Both options have worked great with high levels of deliverability.


To be honest, if i have to pay i ll go with google!


Yeah, Zoho can be a real frustration but it’s free! So…


I use Yandex Mail for one or two domains, it is less frustrating than Zoho. But it is a real pain to configure it. I don’t know if it’s because of language barriers or what, but it was very hard to put everything to work.


I agree about Yandex, configuration isn’t easy. But Zoho was really painful for me too, without DKIM support for all emails sent with phpmailer scripts.

So I have switched to Google Gsuite, and it provide 1TB storage for $8/mo, and unlimited storage if you are at least 2 users.

But to receive your own emails from your contact form, it doesn’t matter if you use a free mail hosting service like yandex, even without your own domain. My comments notifications on my own blog are send with a email.