Smart Phone redirection problem

I just used plug-in to redirect from my blogger blog to my bog, and it worked great!

EXCEPT smart phones going to the old home site address, are NOT forwarded to new site at Smart phone going to an individual article seems to work fine.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?


Hi Steven,

We will try to find out solution for Smart phone URL redirection very soon.


Thank you very much.

I have the problem on my htc droid rezound, a friend with a Samsung Galaxy S2 Android-based phone did not have this problem, he is redirected to new site.

Otherwise, it is a wonderful plugin.

This problem might be a because of country wide URL blogspot URLs.

Can you tell us, the following URLs are redirecting to new WordPress blog on individual post?

You can contact us to hire our technical team, which can help you out for this problem.

Thanks. works correctly, takes me to the particular post. takes me to the new wordpress site’s home page, NOT the post.

I don’t think its a “country wide URL problem”, because the home page redirect works on one kind of phone (Samsung S2 android) but not on another (htc rezound droid).


Thanks for mentioning. We haven’t faced any issue with phones, but will cross check the issue with different phones and update you.

We have cross checked the URLs with “htc legend” phone and the individual URLs are redirecting towards the WordPress home page

My htc rezound still isn’t redirected to the new site. Looks like this is a problem that can’t be solved. I put a new post on old site with link to new site, so that should be OK.

Thanks for your help.