Slowed down website due to media-gallery-item.php

Hello ! I noticed that my website slowed down since I'm using rtmedia.

By testing with Pingdom (, I saw that media-gallery-item.php takes itself more than 4 seconds to load (unless it's only 627 bytes !).

If you test your demo site in the same way, you'll observe the same problem. It's just more annoying on my website because I have a less powerful server.

Is there any way to solve it ?

I attach my debug information, if necessary...

Thank you in advance for help !

Best regards

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@myriamrv is it just the media gallery page that is slower e.g

or is it your whole website that is slower? e.g. all pages

@henrywright no, all the website.

I could accept that only the media gallery page should be slow... But the problem is that script slows down all the pages : home, forum, articles... even if the media gallery is not included in.

Just for information : I've just increased the [php.ini] memory_limit for 128M to 512M.

It doesn't really solves the problem, because that media-gallery-item.php still takes so long to launch, but now it's less uncomfortable for the users : the pages launch a bit faster anyway.

...if ever it could help someone who has the same problem before we find a real solution ;)

Hello ! Still no idea ?

Maybe is there a way to disable the media gallery's script on the pages where it's not requested ?

I don't think the media gallery scripts should make so much of a difference to the speed of your site. Have you checked the speed of your website on a default theme or by disabling the other plugins? I also found that your server is giving a waiting time on the average of 4-7 seconds only while accessing the page.

Also we would be optimizing our queries in the upcoming versions of rtMedia, hopefully that should help you a bit.

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@all, we just released rtMedia v3.2.12 with the fix for media-gallery-item.php file. Please update rtMedia and let us know regarding the same.